President: Bill Franz
Bill is a retired public servant who commuted the last 30 years or so of his career on foot or by bicycle. At the time, he was motivated by frugality and the chance to get some fresh air and exercise before being chained to his desk or behind the wheel for the day! Then and now, he rides as much as he can for the fresh air experience and the health and environmental benefits. Did I mention because it's fun?

Treasurer: Pearl Franz

I can proudly say I've been biking since I was 6 years old. Now in my 6th decade I enjoy leisurely commutes and outings. Never give it up! I'm aspiring to ride as long as I can! Getting outdoors is great for my health and spirit...
Board Member: Bill Macrae 
Bill was a motorcycle enthusiast in his younger days, but set it aside for work and family.  In retirement he decided to take to two wheels again in 2012 on a $15 garage sale bike (photo).  The pleasure was to be able to ride at any speed with little risk of a speeding ticket.  Although not a “commuter” he supports the efforts of RDABC to make cycling an activity for everyone.  He is a keen bike repairer, and volunteers for the Optimists “Bikes for Kids” program.  Currently, he rides a single-speed (44/16) with fenders, enjoying the maintenance-free simplicity and cleanliness, but still being able to mount any hill.
Secretary: Greg Neiman
Greg Neiman is a retired former editor of the Red Deer Advocate, who took up cycling to work to prepare for some epic bike trips: the Alaska Highway, tours of Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as well as Newfoundland and parts of the Kettle Valley rail pathway, experiencing the historical sites, beauty and culture of these places the best way — by bike, on separated lanes and paths. As a volunteer with the Optimist Bikes for Kids program, I repair donated bikes to give to anyone who needs a bike. I also volunteer with the Central Alberta Regional Trails Society, working with municipal leaders and volunteers to connect all of Central Alberta into a world-class network of commuter and recreational trails.

Board Member: Liz Hagell

Spearheaded: Cyclovia Red Deer

“I didn’t learn to bike until I was in my teens. So grateful to my friend who took the time and had the patience to teach me. I love to get out and ride around Red Deer. It is a great way to stay fit and healthy and helps the environment too. I think there is a groundswell building for better infrastructure so more people will feel confident getting out and biking. E-bikes will also encourage more cycling. It is an exciting time. The RDABC is playing an important role in keeping cycling on the  agenda for all levels of government.”

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