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Next Pedal Poll
June 4th - 9th
Register as a Volunteer HERE

Pedal Poll 2022-2023

What was the share of bikes compared to other modes of transport at locations in your community?

Results and analysis for the 2022-2023 Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo national bicycle counts are finally available! They are designed to be shareable. Take a look and pass them on to your local decision makers, fellow advocates and on social media.

Fancy Women Bike Ride 2024
Your Board Members for 2023-2024 are:
President: John Johnston
Vice President: Ken Williamson
Secretary: Greg Neiman
Treasurer: Pearl Franz
Member: Tatiana Tilly
Member: Greg Young
Member: Andy Lamb


Thank you to our Board members
for continuing to represent us.
"Be Ready Wherever Your Bike Takes You"

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