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Libraries & Bicycles

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

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The Community Bike Ride 2015 went well, even though we had fewer participants than we had volunteers! Bill M. and my wife Joyce came to help, as did Ken W. We pumped quite a few tires, found loaner bikes for a couple young riders who did not have a bike, and did a few minor adjustments to bikes at our station. We had two moms arrive with young children and they got to take their first "big ride" with us. I clocked an 8-year-old at 11 km/hr going back up 67 Street hill. So in that regard, that we had two families introduced to riding on the bike paths, and crossing a major intersection safely was a big deal for them. So in all it was successful. We'll say it has room to grow. A photographer from the Express got a picture of our repair station, and I hope we see it on the front page of the paper Wednesday. Greg

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